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The first thing you do when setting out to buy anything is to compare prices at different vendors. You then find the best possible price for the best possible product and make your decision accordingly. Shopping for car insurance should be no different. The basic objective is to get the most coverage at the best price, and while dozens of companies spend billions of dollars a year trying to make us like them, in the end it is those that offer the most competitive packages that win out... Well, most of the time.

The truth is, when shopping for car insurance a lot of us actually fall for the commercials that make us laugh or feature a cute mascot. Marketers are not stupid, and they know if they appeal to our emotional side we will often sign up with them because we like their marketing. We do this even though we may suspect we are paying more to do so.

While this may work for car insurance companies it certainly does not work for the shopper. This website was created specifically to help car insurance shoppers find the absolute best possible price on the best possible insurance packages for their needs.

No clever marketing, no bells and whistles, we just provide the facts and allow you to thoroughly research car insurance companies before contacting them.

By using state of the art technology we are able to provide car insurance comparison quotes for all the most reputable car insurance companies in your given area. We do not require any personal information such as your name, address, or worse yet, credit card number. Our technology simply uses your ZIP code to find the lowest priced and most reputable car insurance companies in your city.

What is the advantage of car insurance comparison quotes?

There are three major advantages to using car insurance comparison software. Firstly, you can see at a glance which companies in your area are offering the most competitive rates. You can then click into the car insurance company which you are interested in and see more specifically what types of packages they offer. Once you have researched a car insurance company you can then call them on your terms and speak to them with their quote already in hand.

This point dovetails into the second major advantage. The second reason to use car insurance comparison websites such as this one is because having multiple car insurance quotes from multiple companies gives you bargaining power when it is time to choose your car insurance package. You can contact the car insurance company of your choice and show them that their competition is quoting lower prices than they are. You can even e-mail the price quotes of competing car insurance companies to one another and let them fight it out for your business.

Lastly, using car insurance comparison software allows you to maintain your anonymity during your car insurance search. Nothing is worse than contacting a car insurance company with the hopes of receiving some price quotes only to be punished with pushy sales tactics and annoying follow-up phone calls. When first setting out to find car insurance it is highly advisable to use comparison software such as this website to research companies without them even knowing you are there.

To get started, simply enter your zip code in the box above and within seconds you will be shown a comprehensive list of all the most reputable car insurance companies in your area.

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Thanks for making it so easy to find the cheapest car insurance available to me here in California. Turns out my last provider was totally ripping me off! - Sally

Gone are the days where our choices are limited. Today it's overwhelming and very hard to decide who is best for my needs. Oh wait.. not any more it isn't! Thanks for the help guys! - Travis